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World Political Systems: An Introduction to Comparative Government

by J.Denis Derbyshire, Ian Derbyshire
Chambers - USA - 1993

A reference book covering systems of government and the role of constitutions, parties, elections, assemblies and executives, together with a survey of regional and world agencies such as the UN, the EC and NATO. The aim is to offer a straightforward text which is easy to understand.

Post-War Britain: A Political History 
by Alan Sked and Chris Cook

This book brings into focus the major figures of the political scene - Churchill, Eden, Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher and Major - and the aims and achievements of the post-war governments, as well as the changing fortunes of Britain in relation to the rest of the world. 
Until 1963, the authors argue, Britain was still considered a world power. As a result, foreign policy was often given high priority by British leaders, and Britain's world role affected many aspects of its domestic policy and had important consequences for other states. From 1963 to 1979, however, set-backs and failures marked its policies, with the result that the very fabric of political life - the party system, the voting system and political institutions - came under attack and British governments lost authority, both at home and abroad. The Thatcher years have seen a continuation, for the most part, of Britain's decline. The authors assess the period of Thatcher's rule and the events leading to her downfall in a new chapter, which also examines the government of John Major and the state of the opposition parties in the face of the longest recession in post-war British history. 

Metaphoric Process: the Creation of Scientific and Religious Understanding 
by MaryGerhart and Allan Russell

Mary Gerhart has contributed to Metaphoric Process: The Creation of Scientific and Religious Understanding as an author. Mary Gerhart is professor of religion at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Fabian E. Udoh is assistant professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame. 

Paul Ricoeur has contributed to Metaphoric Process: The Creation of Scientific and Religious Understanding . Ricoeur is the John Nuveen Professor Emeritus in the Divinity School, the Department of Philosophy, and the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago. 
Texas Christian University Press - 1984

Contemporary France: Politics and Society Since 1945 
by D. L. Hanley, A.P. Kerr and N. H. Waites
Routledge - 1984

Men of ideas some creators of contemporary philosophy 
Bryan Magee 
Dialogues with fifteen leading philosophers
Oxford university Press - UK - 1978

The End of Isms Reflections on the Fate of Ideological Politics After Communism's Collapse SHTROMAS
Considers the state of, and prospects for, the politics of ideology after the collapse of communism in the former USSR and Eastern Europe. This topic is explored with regard to universal intellectual trends and specific ideological situations in the major countries of the contemporary world. 

Postmodernism or The cultural logic of late capitalism by Frederic Jameson

Culture : the cultural logic of late capitalism --

Ideology : theories of the postmodern --
Video : surrealism without the unconscious --
Architecture : spatial equivalents in the world system --
Sentences : reading and the division of labor --
Space : utopianism after the end of utopia --
Theory : immanence and nominalism in postmodern theoretical discourse --
Economics : postmodernism and the market --
Film : nostalgia for the present --
Conclusion : secondary elaborations.

VERSO - USA - 1995

The Castle of Lies: Why Britain Must Get Out of Europe 
by Christopher Booker and Richard North

The authors of this text argue that Britain's membership of the European Union is turning out to be a catastrophe on a far greater scale than our politicians or media have been prepared to recognize. The once admirable dream of a united Europe has in practice been hijacked by a bureaucratic monster. The book suggests that as Brussels-style regulations reach ever further into every area of British life, nothing is spared - the London double-decker bus, Britain's air safety rules, even the British oak tree, while industry is threatened with confusion and chaos. But the authors argue that behind this lies an even greater disaster, suggesting that Britain's politicians have been reduced to helpless puppets by a form of government which is entirely new. The country, according to this book, has passed under the rule of a political system which is no longer in any meaningful sense democratic, where much of the law takes the form of edicts issued by officials in Brussels or Whitehall without any political control. The authors have spent two years examining the "Euro-system". Economically, politically and psychologically, they argue, it is now inflicting so much damage on Britain that the only course is to leave the EU.

Duckworth - UK - 1996

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